Our Mission

To honor the legacy of Sergeant Matthew Abbate by providing warriors space to recalibrate inside the wire and community to thrive outside the wire.  


About the Patrol Base


The Patrol Base is a location for current service members and veterans to rest and refit inside the wire in order to deploy back to their local communities with a renewed sense of purpose. While it’s important that we carve out a space for our members, we want to make sure that we equip those who served with the right tools to get back in the fight. We believe that a tribe and purpose are the essential elements for a warrior’s mind and soul. As current service members and veterans, we are called to serve and seek to sacrifice. PB Abbate affords us an opportunity to continue that calling.

Our Patrol Base is built around a cabin in Big Sky Country. It is intentionally austere to get us outside and on the move. Each year, we run several programs that bring service members and veterans with similar interests together. Our shooters, fishers, hunters, lifters, artists, and more will all have the opportunity to gather in squad sized elements led by subject matter experts in these respective fields.

We intend to continually improve our position and ourselves, so grab your e-tool and get ready to fill a sandbag as we come together as a community to build a place where all military service members and veterans can rally.

Patrol Base (PB) Abbate Return to Base (RTB) Program

As one of the three components of PB Abbate, the RTB Program is an opportunity for our members to come together as a community to refit and connect in Thompson Falls, Montana. Typically, these programs are built around one or our interest-based clubs (e.g., Book, Strength, or Fight Club). The programming is led by the club captain and supported by PB Abbate staff. A link to all of our clubs can be found here..

What can I expect from the RTB Program?

You can expect to spend four nights / five days (Thursday – Monday) in the mountains of Thompson Falls, Montana at our patrol base. It is an austere, primitive environment, where the daily activities will revolve around your club’s common interest (i.e., the Strength Club will have an Olympic lifting seminar followed by a workout; the Fight Club will have a BJJ lesson followed by a sparring session; the Book Club will examine elements of a text and have a guided discussion, etc). Additionally, each program is staffed with an iRest yoga instructor who will lead one to two sessions per day.

We check our egos outside of the Patrol Base and want you to participate in each event. Expect to work on yourself, work to make connections, and work physically to improve our Patrol Base.

What can I expect from the RTB Program?

The central pillars of our programming are Service Work, Fireside Chats, and Nature.

Service Work During your time at the Patrol Base, you will engage in a service project to improve the local area or community. Past examples include clearing brush for fire prevention, building the Strength Club’s lifting platform, and rehabilitating a cabin located on the property.

We believe in leaving things better than we found them, and that by improving our communities, we improve ourselves. The service component of our programming primes our members for the culminating event, where each member fills a sandbag. Members are asked to dedicate their sandbags to someone or something that they’re committed to honoring back in their homes and communities. This symbolic ceremony prepares our members to become Pointmen within our organization.

Patrol Base (PB) Abbate Return to Base (RTB) Program
Patrol Base (PB) Abbate Return to Base (RTB) Program
Patrol Base (PB) Abbate Return to Base (RTB) Program

Fireside Chats Chats Inside friendly lines, members are able to rest and refit. Our Fireside Chats encourage communal healing through vulnerable conversations that are rooted in empathy and trust. These loosely guided discussions are foundational to the bonds and connections formed throughout our program.

Fireside Chats Inside friendly lines, members are able to rest and refit

Nature We are located in one of the most beautiful areas of our incredible country. We believe the outdoors is restorative and healing. During our program, members can expect to hike, kayak, and spend time immersed in nature.

After attending the RTB Program, we anticipate that you will be a Pointman in your local PB Abbate Chapter and find ways to fill sandbags in your community.

Our Namesake

Our Namesake


Sgt Matt Abbate (Navy Cross Citation) was committed to the protection of and service to others. Before he was killed in action on December 2, 2010 he composed "The Gunfighting Commandments” and “The Rules of War,” which dictate that:

-Nothing matters more than thy brethren to thy left and right…Thou shall protect no matter what -Someone must walk the point

When we honor the legacy of the fallen, connect, and serve our communities we earn the title of Pointman.

Sergeant Matt abbate
Sergeant Matt abbate
Local Chapters

Abbate’s Pointmen live these values through service to their communities and in forming local tribes to protect our flanks. Every month, around the country, local chapters conduct social and service events. These local chapters serve as sustainable and enduring rally points, where our Pointmen connect and reignite their purpose through service to others.

We currently have over 35 active local chapters. Check our events page to discover local chapter events that are happening in your area.

Online Community

When our Pointmen can’t attend our programming or chapter events together, we keep lines of communication open 24/7 through our online platform. These forums allow our members to reach one another at any point in time.

Online Community

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