Patrol Base Abbate Retreats

As one of the three pillars at PB Abbate, the retreats are an opportunity for our members to come together as a community to refit and connect in Thompson Falls, Montana. Each interested-based club’s retreat (e.g., book, strength, or flight club) is led by the club captain and supported by PB Abbate staff. A link to all of our clubs can be found here.


What can I expect from PBA retreats?

You can expect to spend four days (Thursday – Monday) in the mountains of Thompson Falls, Montana at our patrol base. It is an austere, primitive environment, where the daily activities will revolve around your club’s common interest. In addition, each retreat is structured with fireside discussions, hiking, yoga and meditation. 

We check our egos outside of the patrol base and want you to participate in each event. Expect to work on yourself, work to make connections, and to physically work at improving our patrol base.  

Everything we do has a service component attached to it. After refitting at the patrol base, we anticipate that you will join your local chapter. Our local chapters provide a sustainable and enduring tribe committed to honoring the fallen through lives of service. 

Am I a good fit for a PBA retreat?

Service is the only requirement to attend one of our retreats. Active-duty servicemembers, reservists, and veterans are eligible to apply. Type of deployments, branch of service, and MOS are not factors in our selection. Again, if you served or are currently serving, we welcome you to our patrol base. 


We anticipate that applicants are a member of the interest-based club before they apply. Expertise is not required (i.e., you can come to fight club and not have a black belt in BJJ). 


Participants must be capable of spending four days in an austere setting. There is no cell service, no running water, and no electricity. The staff will keep the camp supplied with drinking water at all times. The camp is equipped with 8-10 person tents and port-a-johns. All food is provided by Patrol Base Abbate and cooked on the grill. 

How much will PBA retreats cost?

We believe that there is no better place to rest, refit, and connect than in the mountains. We believe that everyone who served should have access to our patrol base and have deliberately removed all barriers to entry. Therefore, Patrol Base Abbate retreats are free of cost to our members. This is your patrol base. We look forward to filling some sandbags alongside you. 

Retreat Schedule for the 2022 season will be available soon.

About the Patrol Base


You are now entering friendly lines.

The Patrol Base is a location for current service members and veterans to rest and refit inside the wire in order to deploy back to their local communities with a renewed sense of purpose. While it’s important that we carve out a space for our members, we want to make sure that we equip those who served with the right tools to get back in the fight. We believe in the outdoors, physical activity, and that a tribe and purpose are the essential elements for a warrior’s mind and soul. As current service members and veterans, we are called to serve and seek to sacrifice. PB Abbate affords us an opportunity to continue that calling.

Our Patrol Base is built around a cabin in Big Sky Country. It is intentionally austere to get us outside and on the move. We run several retreats a year that bring vets with similar interests together. Our shooters, fishers, hunters, lifters, artists, and more will all have the opportunity to gather in squad sized elements led by subject matter experts in these respective fields. 

We intend to continually improve our position and ourselves, so grab your e-tool and get ready to fill a sandbag as we come together as a community to build a place where all military service members and veterans can rally.