PB Abbate Austin Pistol Clinic

We are excited to announce our first live fire event in collaboration with Reveille Peak and Bearing Mindset Drive Tactics.

Who: PB Abbate Austin

What: Pistol Clinic/Fun Shoot

When: Saturday November 6th, 2021

Where: Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas

Why: To bring the tribe together and return to base while learning pistol fundamentals from accomplished instructors

How: The clinic will include pistol safety, fundamentals, accuracy, and defensive tactics for the daily armed citizen. Currently, the first 20 PB Abbate members who sign up on pbabbate.org will receive all required ammunition for the clinic for FREE. All following members and interested veterans are encouraged to bring additional ammunition and personally owned legal firearms to the event. 


Gear List


  1. RPR Shooting Use Agreement

  2. RPR Acceptance of Risks Agreement

  3. PBA Austin Pistol Clinic Waiver

  4. Eye Protection

  5. Ear Protection

  6. Closed toe shoes

  7. Holster for personal pistols


  1. Ammunition donations (9mm/.45ACP)

  2. Pistol Belt