Patrol Base Abbate is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a physical headquarters in Thompson Falls, Montana, in addition to over thirty local chapters located throughout the United States. The mission of Patrol Base Abbate is to provide veterans a space to connect and honor the fallen. We, the living, have a collective duty and enduring purpose to say their names. We believe connected veterans are stronger together, better together, and more resilient.

As the War in Afghanistan drew to a close, Marines and soldiers were deployed to Kabul to secure HKIA in order to facilitate the rapid evacuation of over 100,000 people and 5,000 Americans from Afghanistan. These Marines and soldiers were handed an immensely difficult task and proved America's troops are more than ready and capable of answering the call.

As an organization committed to fostering connection and building community for all who have served, Patrol Base Abbate is planning to connect the local veterans in California and North Carolina with these units as they return to base. There is healing in community and we strive to provide this for both our members and the returning units alike through a powerful homecoming experience.

To bring as many veterans as possible together in order to create a homecoming for the returning units from HKIA that leaves no shadow of a doubt that we are a home base for all who have served.

Operation RTB concept of operations will be passed to those registered as details are allowed to be shared.

Admin and Logistics:
You must be a member of PB Abbate to attend. If you are not yet a member and are eligible to become one, please sign-up on our website and then complete this registration.

Command and Control:
The process for units returning from deployment is unpredictable and subject to change. Coordinating instructions will be passed via email to those registered by the Operation RTB action officers from both the Southern California and North Carolina chapters.

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