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Cody Lefever
Jan 12, 2021
In Strength club
Training every day for nearly two years now... not every workout is a grinder, a brutally tough session, like those I had in my powerlifting days. Much more bodybuilding-esq or CrossFit type sessions; more variety. More reps in general, less pushing the weight for max intensity. Still a few injuries over the last 660+ days. Strains from pull ups and SSB squats - happened when chasing PR's. Coupled with hours of snow shoveling and wood cutting (I live in the rural Rockies at nearly 10,500 feet), some days are more PT than anything else. Closing in on 2 years of training every day. 99% of that is barbell based. I am lucky to have a small 200sqft home gym, so the pandemic hardly affected me in this aspect. Here's a post I wrote about the experiment back in November, for the 600th session without a rest day. Maybe this audience will enjoy it: Swole at Every Height: 600 Days If you have questions, I'm more than happy to answer them. I also coach a fair number of lifters, having sent two women to world championships (one winning best female lifter), I am also open to assisting others here in their training, should any of you have any need for guidance. I'm happy to help a vet get more fit.

Cody Lefever

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