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Shamus Flynn
May 13, 2021
In Austin
Good Day Everyone! I am super excited to serve as the Regional Captain for Austin, Texas. I wanted to start off with a bit of information about me: - First Sergeant of Marines with almost 18 years of active service. Currently assigned to Weapons Company 1/23. - Married to my wife Crystal with two children ages 11 and 9. - Originally from New England, growing up in the small town of Granby, Connecticut. - My interests include marksmanship, history, BMX and MTB, fitness, craft beer, and a great cup of coffee. - I run a small Instagram account focusing on small unit leadership, warfighting and general military life. I encourage you to check it out, many updates concerning PB Abbate will be posted there. The IG page is titled @constellationgroup138 . Based off the feedback I have received on social media, there is a good deal of interest in supporting PB Abbate. We are open to any and all feedback, ideas and discourse on events. From brewery/coffee shop meet-ups, workouts, or range sessions, our network can likely find a venue willing to support or simply host. I look forward to hearing from you!! -Shamus
Shamus Flynn
Jan 05, 2021
In Book Club
What are everyone's thoughts on outreach events? I will be located in Austin this spring and be stationed there until retirement or promotion. Apart from specific fundraising operations, I would like to start some local events like, a book club, brewery sessions, coffee meets, range days (once I find a suitable facility), workouts (again, I will need to find a gym), or just meet ups where we can all talk shop. Thoughts?

Shamus Flynn

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