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Sam Culbertson
Mar 17, 2021
In Hunting
Hello All! My name is Sam Culbertson, I will be your Outdoors Club Co-Captain, and Hunting Club Captain. I am currently an active duty 2ndLt in the Marine Corps (I don't have an MOS yet), located in North Carolina, but I will be moving up to Virginia here shortly. As for hunting, I have grown up around the wildlife in North Carolina and started hunting around the age of 13. I am most versed in hunting deer, duck, dove, raccoons, and coyotes. I have also hunted turkeys, but am yet to harvest one (we have a love/hate relationship). Eventually I would like to add turkeys, bear, elk, and moose to my harvested list. To me hunting is a constant learning experience and comes down to three core reasons: to take responsibility for my own food, to experience nature as a participant not just a bystander, and to acknowledge the relationship we have with wildlife. I am excited to share my own experiences with you all and in turn learn from all of you as well. What I expect out of this hunting club: A very open discussion on any and all things hunting (there are no stupid questions). One of the biggest barriers to entry for new hunters, especially adult-onset hunters, is finding someone to teach them the ropes which can be a bit intimidating. Most of us (who hunt regularly) have been taught by people close to us (friends and family members) who have sacrificed their own hunting time to teach everything from marksmanship to animal behavior. I want this club to be able to be the mentor to new hunters who would like to get involved and learn. An active participation in club discussions. I would like to hear about your interests and experiences. Definitely want to get some local chapters going that way there can be specific discussions for those areas regarding hunting seasons, tips and tricks, and anything else specific to that region or specific animal. Respect each other. I understand, as the rest of you should, that people all hunt differently; whether it's between bow vs rifles vs black powder hunting, running dogs, different styles of calling or trapping, using cameras vs scouting year round, camo or no camo, etc. We are here to learn and share methods, techniques, knowledge and equipment ideas. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or if you have any suggestions for discussions or events! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Sam Culbertson

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