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Tom D
Jan 26, 2022
Greetings everyone, I'm just your not so average POG. Started in 07 as a Food Service Specialist (3381) in Okinawa Japan with CLR-37. Deployed to Iraq 09 with CLB-4 and got attached to 1/7 Animal Co. at COP Viking and spent time in Baharai and Ramadi. After two years in Japan I was accepted to Marine Security Guard (MSG) duty. On MSG I was stationed at Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Berlin, Germany. Did a bit of traveling when I could and always used up my Leave days. After MSG I received orders to Camp Pendleton with CLR-17. At Camp Pendleton I was able to deploy to Tactical Base Dwyer with CLB-7 in Afghanistan 14 and worked supporting many different units to include DOD Contractors, 1st Comm Bn, 1/9 Weapons and 1/7 Suicide Charlie. After getting back to Pendleton I was selected to be the 1st MLG Commanding General's Driver/PSD. I worked under two different General Officers and even under SgtMaj Black, now SgtMaj of the Marine Corps. After that I volunteered for Recruiting Duty (biggest mistake) and was sent to RS Harrisburg and specifically RSS Downingtown in Pennsylvania. Tried working my butt off there but got so burnt out I decided to EAS with almost 12 years of service and in zone for E-7, 2019. Everything I worked for in the Marine Corps was to set myself up for the future. So when I received my DD214, I also received an Employment Letter to work overseas for a Private Military Contracting company. While I was waiting for my application, clearance, and training date I worked as a Special Police Officer in Washington DC and made it to an Operations manager in my short 6 months there. As a PMC for the Department of State I worked in Kabul, Afghanistan and currently in Baghdad, Iraq. So if anyone has questions about the contracting world please let me know. I have talked to many guys about it and don't mind sharing my knowledge at all. That is how I was able to get this position.

Tom D

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