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Tom D
Jan 26, 2022
In Pennsylvania
Greetings everyone, If there are any people in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas looking to get together let's set some things up. I'm not home much because I work overseas but I usually hit up as many people as I can to do stuff. If you want to go shooting I have plenty of firearms, some ammo, and a member of an outdoor gun club in Pitcairn/Monroeville. We can do some hiking and outdoors stuff as well. I'm also always down to eat and try new restaurants. I can't drink while I'm working overseas either so I very much like to indulge when I am back if people want to join me. I never drink to excess and I've always been the dad of the group taking care of everyone. Let's not be afraid to reach out and make new bonds. Camaraderie is a big thing for me and sometimes it's hard to find after we get out. Semper Fidelis.

Tom D

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