PB Abbate Strength Club RTB Program

Who: Members* of PB Abbate

What: 5 days of strength and conditioning programming, fireside conversations, and a community-oriented service project

When: 25-29 May

Where: Patrol Base Abbate, Thompson Falls, MT

*Preference will be given to those applicants who actively support the PB Abbate mission.



Am I a good fit for the RTB Program?

Service is the only requirement to participate in our programming. Active-duty Service Members, Reservists, and Veterans are eligible to apply. Type of deployments, branch of service, rank, and MOS are not factors in our selection. If you served or are currently serving, we welcome you to our Patrol Base. 

We anticipate that applicants are members of the interest-based club before they apply. Expertise is not required (i.e., you can come to Fight Club and not have a black belt in BJJ). 

Participants must be capable of spending four nights / five days in an austere setting. There is no cell service, no running water, and no electricity. The staff will keep the camp supplied with drinking water at all times. The camp is equipped with tents for eight-to-ten people and port-a-johns. All food is provided by Patrol Base Abbate and cooked on the grill. 

How much does the RTB Program cost?

We believe that there is no better place to rest, refit, and connect than in the mountains. We also believe that everyone who served should have access to our Patrol Base, and have deliberately removed all barriers to entry. Therefore, Patrol Base Abbate programming is free of cost to our members. This is your Patrol Base. We look forward to filling some sandbags alongside you. 

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