Warriors' Night (Western Region) - Camp Colby

Patrol Base Abbate serves to honor the legacy of Sergeant Matthew Abbate by providing warriors space to recalibrate inside the wire and community to thrive outside the wire.
This Warriors' Night will offer similar programming of a Return To Base operation for the Western Region of Patrol Base Abbate at a satellite Patrol Base - Camp Colby.  Participants will experience the three pillars of Return To Base programming during their weekend at the camp - Service, Fireside Chats, and Nature.


Who: Members of PBA Western Region clubs

What: Converge on a central location for a three-day/two-night program of PBA events

When: Friday August 19th - Sunday August 21st

Where: Camp Colby Ranch, Palmdale CA

Why: To provide warriors a place inside the wire to recalibrate and return home refreshed