Our Mission

To honor the legacy of Sergeant Matthew Abbate by providing warriors space to recalibrate inside the wire and skills to thrive outside the wire.

We offer free-of-cost retreats in Big Sky Country for eligible veterans, where they can reconnect with their warrior spirit, foster community through shared interests, and re-discover purpose in service to each other, their families, and their communities.


Sgt. Matt Abbate


A modern day achilles. 

Sgt Matt Abbate was a modern day Achilles; he was the greatest warrior to grace the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. While his conduct on the battlefield is well known (Navy Cross Citation), his humility and principles were equally legendary. He was a father, son, and brother to us all. It’s our mutual obligation to carry his legacy forward. 

About the Patrol Base


You are now entering friendly lines.

The Patrol Base is a location for veterans to rest and refit inside the wire; and, then get back in the fight and serve their families and communities. While it’s important that we carve out a space for veterans, we want to make sure that we equip those who served with the right tools to get back in the fight. We believe in the outdoors, physical activity, and that a tribe and purpose are the essential elements for a warrior’s mind and soul. As veterans, we are called to serve and seek to sacrifice. PB Abbate affords us an opportunity to continue that calling.

Our Patrol Base is built around a cabin in “Big Sky Country.” It is intentionally austere to get us outside and on the move. We run several retreats a year that bring vets with similar interests together. Our shooters, fishers, hunters, lifters, artists, and more will all have the opportunity to gather in squad sized elements led by subject matter experts in these respective fields. 

We intend to continually improve our position and ourselves, so grab your e-tool and get ready to fill a sandbag as we come together as a community to build a place where all veterans can rally.


Who we are

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Thomas Schueman, President

Major Thomas Schueman was born in Chicago, Illinois and commissioned in the Marine Corps in May of 2008. He Currently serves as an English Instructor at the United States Naval Academy.

Tom has deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan as both a platoon commander with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and as a JTAC with the Afghan National Army's 1/215th Reconnaissance Company.


He later served as the Director of Combat Instructor School at SOI-W and as the Company Commander of Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, where he deployed to Darwin, Australia. 


Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University and a Master of Arts from Georgetown. He is Married to Andrea Schueman and has a two-year-old daughter, Amelia.