Three Tiers. Inside the wire.

PB Abbate is a physical place in Big Sky Country where you can rest and refit. PB Abbate is also a nation-wide organization that connects its members through interest-based clubs, helps local chapters plan and execute service projects, and brings clubs to Montana for retreats.

Three Tiers. Inside the wire.

Club Retreats

Our Patrol Base is built around a cabin in “Big Sky Country.” It is intentionally austere to get us outside and on the move. We run several retreats a year that bring together service members and veterans with similar interests. Our shooters, fishers, hunters, lifters, artists, and more will all have the opportunity to gather in squad-sized elements led by subject matter experts in these respective fields. Through our retreats, our members have the opportunity to use the wilderness to bond, rest, and refit, while learning skills that will benefit them as they transition back into their communities. Through our programming, they rekindle their warrior spirit and become better family members, leaders, and citizens.

Local Chapters

By establishing chapters that act as rally points of PB Abbate, we build a sense of community and share skills that carry us outside the wire. We are establishing chapters in major cities across the country to help our members serve their communities and foster connectedness through a mutually beneficial network.

Online Community

When our members can’t attend a retreat or chapter event together, we built an online platform to keep lines of communication open 24/7. These forums are structured similarly to our clubs and chapters, and allow our members to reach one another at any point in time.